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Akshay Gupta is a self-published author who writes fiction and poetry with equal ease and charm. Prior to beginning his career as a writer, Akshay completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and also worked as an assistant professor at a University for a period of 3 years.

"Akshay ke alfaaz" is his debut work. He was the second entrant for "The Meraki poetry writing contest." Apart from this, Akshay Gupta was listed amongst the top fifty participants in the Hashtag Kalakar contest. Alongside his interest in literature, Akshay is a yoga enthusiast as well.

At 20, Akshay went through the most depressing phase of his life, he suffered from bipolar disorder, inspite of the unfavorable circumstances life threw at him, Akshay decided to keep fighting and not to lose his courage. Akshay came out stronger giving a befitting reply to his illness. Now, he is on a mission to deliver a message to the world through his literary works, that if he can get success in his life even after facing a significant amount of time going through opposing and unfavorable conditions, then everyone can surely be successful in his life.

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May 30,2022

A story is about love, betrayal, determination, and overcoming adversity.
The killer of Dhruv's dreams is in front of him, but could he find him? Dhruv's mother ran away with his boyfriend after his birth, and his drunkard father frustrates him. The only thing in his life is badminton, which makes him feel alive. He aspires to play badminton at the national level. But because of his father's ignorance, he steps up the wrong path and becomes an alcoholic. The situation becomes worse when his father sends him to his uncle's house, where someone conspires against him, exposing the young boy to drugs and addictive substances. Who is giving drugs to Dhruv? Would Dhruv fulfill his dream, or would he surrender to his drug addiction? To know the answers to these questions, grab your copy now.

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A Woman Writing at Home

Akshay Gupta

“Live to express, not to impress."

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